Improving Outcomes in Pain Management. Modules A – D

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Kristin Hoffman

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Acute pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis. Once its etiology is established acute pain can usually be diagnosed, treated and abated. Despite advances in care, 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain with it ranking as perhaps the most frequent cause of suffering and disability. Pain creates burdens on patients, families, healthcare companies and society at large. Therefore, it is important for the case manager to design and implement contemporary pain management care plans using a patient-centered approach. This course discusses the paradigm shift away from the “disease-centered” approach and toward the “patient-centered” approach. The Athena Forum course describes how the case manager should apply the concept of pain measurement as the fifth vital sign and adopt pain management guidelines from the Joint Commission and American Pain Society. This course is organized as follows: A. Pathophysiology of Pain, B. Acute Pain C. Chronic Pain Overview, D. Types of Chronic & Persistent Pain D. Cancer Pain Management

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