Improving Outcomes in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Module B. As

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Kristin Hoffman

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The options for diagnosing different kinds of inflammatory bowel disease have widened in recent years, offering health professionals more ways to help patients, and presenting new challenges. First, this module details the different symptoms of both ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, and how the medical workups are both similar to (and a little different from) each other—and what other illnesses can be associated with such symptoms. Next, the module looks at the challenges in diagnosing CD and UC, given the variables in age and nature of symptoms, as well as the most common diagnostic tests—from blood tests to endoscopy and MRI. Next, the module examines the unique risks and considerations for patients in terms of pregnancy and other complications—such as abscesses, cancer and even complications including liver problems and joint pain.

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