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Where do Caregivers come from? Discovering our "Self".

  • Weber's Inn 3050 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor, Mi 48103 United States (map)

Course Description:

What makes a caregiver a caregiver? What draws a person to want to reach out and help others heal during moments of fear, anguish, and suffering? Current research on caregiving focuses on negative mental health outcomes for the caregiver; compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burn out. These are very real phenomena’s that demand our time and attention. And still, there are greater forces at play that call people to the helping profession and affords caregivers the strength to endure. Standing so close to other’s emotional battle fields is often scary, sad, and tiresome. Yet, we stay committed to the cause of helping others overcome pain, oppression and marginalization. Sharing and reflecting on her own Journey, Dr. Liesen will invite you to explore how the caregiver’s own experience with trauma exposure, victimization, and loss produces altruistic drives that allow us to connect deeply with the suffering of others and produce intrinsic motivation to heal. This session is applicable to clinicians, managers, direct support professionals, families and teachers.

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CE Value (credits): 1.5
CE Type: Standard

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Ed Kiefer