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The Gut-Brain Connection: Facts, Fads, & Fallacies

  • Holiday Inn Gateway Centre 5353 Gateway Centre Drive Flint, MI 48507 United States (map)

Course Description:

The goal of the “Gut-Brain Health” seminar is to help Social Workers digest the complex scientific research in this field into a concise, user-friendly overview that will help them not only improve

their own gut-brain health, but also to be feel more confident when interacting with their patients/clients. After completing this course, Social Workers will be able to recognize the “red flags” of

pseudoscience, and become a “healthy skeptic”—one who carefully and critically evaluates each piece of advice, taking into account not only its source, but also the strength of the science behind it. Being either too gullible or cynical–believing everything or nothing we hear or read—can negatively affect our health. Henry David Thoreau once said: “To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.” The aim of this course is to help Social Workers understand what is known (i.e., the established facts in the field of gut-brain health), to embrace the reality that there’s still much we don’t know (i.e., the gray areas), and to be able to recognize the fads and fallacies that are so widely disseminated in the lay press. In the end, this seminar will help Social Workers increase their personal wellness, as well as to become stronger role models, advocates and educators for their communities and work environments and, ultimately, for their patients/clients.

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