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Emotions and Politics: Responding to the Mental Health Needs of Immigrants *

  • Live Webinar United States (map)

Course Description:

With immigration at the height of the political debate in the United States, a wide micro and macro response is needed to address the challenges migrant populations face. From acculturation to discrimination to stigma to lack of services, immigrants who are undocumented face a unique set of stressors impacting their mental health. This workshop will explore the immigration journey to address the "Why do they come"?, will go over the meaning of different immigration statuses and jargon you may come across, discuss immigration status as a social determinant of health, and identify current challenges and opportunities for engagement, treatment and advocacy. This workshop pays particular attention to immigrants with an undocumented status or temporary statuses.

Sponsor Name:
National Assn. of Social Workers

Contact Information:
Rochelle Wilder