Role Reversal-A social worker's guide to redefining parental boundaries

Date Available: 11/28/2017
Date Expires: 11/1/2018

Course Type: Webinar

Sponsor Name: NASW National
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CE Value (credits): 1
CE Type: Standard

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Rochelle Wilder



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*This webinar is for Specialty Practice Section members only.  Self study version will be online within two weeks.

Social workers provide both voluntary and involuntary services to families in a variety of settings. Parents come to need social work interventions for different reasons that often include experiencing some difficulty in raising their children. When a family is in turmoil, parental roles are often disrupted which may result in a child assuming the responsibilities of a parent and can negatively affect a parent's ability to maintain authority. This, in turn, can negatively impact a child's sense of safety, self-esteem and overall functioning. Children and parents are likely to benefit when parenting capacity is strengthened. Social workers have a unique opportunity to assist parents in redefining parental roles to reestablish healthy family dynamics.

This workshop will provide an overview of how role reversal and parentification occurs. Detailed techniques and approaches to effectively empower parents and realign family roles will be discussed in depth. The role of social workers' attitudes and interactions towards parents will be reviewed, highlighting research findings. Discussion will include ways to use this knowledge as an advocacy tool for families.


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