Emotional & Social Intelligence

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CE Value (credits): 3.0
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Course Description:

This health update examines both emotional and social intelligence, focusing on the qualities of each and how each contributes to what we think of as intelligent behavior. These concepts are important for health care professionals to understand and utilize in their daily work lives. The course will examine:
• Our rational and emotional minds
• Our emotional and rational brains • The multifaceted nature of intelligence • The relationship between IQ and emotional intelligence
It will provide tips and strategies that will help health care professionals both deal with and manage:
• Anger and rage
• Anxiety and worry
• Sadness
Health professionals will also understand the components of social intelligence including social awareness (primal empathy, attunement, empathic accuracy, and social cognition), and social facility (synchrony, self-presentation, influence, and concern), which will help them in their interactions with their clients as well as in other important life relationships. They will learn about the brain and social intelligence, the brain’s social circuitry, and the experience of
rapport. They will also learn about teaching emotional and social intelligence.

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