Improving Outcomes in Harm Risk Behaviors. Module D. Non-Pharma

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Kristin Hoffman

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Even though many suicidal patients are ultimately given some sort of medication to manage their symptoms, this module looks at non-pharmaceutical treatment, which is usually the initial—and often best, over the long term—treatment. First, the module looks at ways that CMs and other healthcare professionals can effectively identify the level of suicidal risk, in part by using motivational interviewing (a technique of open-ended questioning) and by adhering to “do’s and don'ts” of talking with suicidal patients (like, don’t tell them that their suicide would hurt others). The module then describes how, in different situations, one should combine pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy—using medication to help manage symptoms, but not to the exclusion of helpful "talk therapies," like family therapy or CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Finally, the module details various kinds of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), like exercise or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and how they can help patients with suicidal ideation.

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