Improving Outcomes in Harm Risk Behaviors. Module B. Assessment

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Kristin Hoffman

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Suicide does not happen without warning, and this module explores the various ways that case managers and other healthcare professionals can spot a possible suicide attempt—and then intervene. The module begins by showing, though a case study, how quick intervention from a case manager can avert a volatile situation. The module then describes the warning signs of suicide (like experiencing extreme mood swings, or giving away possessions) as well as harm-risk behaviors (like cutting oneself) that may be precursors to suicide attempts. The module then detail a variety of suicide screening instruments, most of which just take 5-10 minutes to administer, and the barriers that healthcare professional may encounter in identifying suicide risk (such as the persistent belief that suicidal thoughts can be controlled through will power, and the misguided notion that alcoholics rarely commit suicide).

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