Improving Outcomes in Abuse Management: Module E. Prevalence, As

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Kristin Hoffman

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Elder abuse is increasingly common. Every year, an estimated 4 million older Americans are victims. Still, such abuse is misunderstood. This module explores the realities of this issue, and the ways that case managers can help. The module begins by looking at how the status of elders has shifted over the centuries, the persisting myths about the elderly (that they are unproductive, or unable to adapt), the impact of abuse on elders (such as shorter life spans) and the demographic shifts among the elderly. Next, the module looks at the various professionals in positions to spot elder abuse (from ED doctors to pharmacists), the different manifestations of elder abuse (such as physical abuse or financial exploitation) and the features of interventions (including referrals to community-based resources). Finally, the module details the laws that CMs should know, including state laws and the federal Elder Justice Act (EJA).

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