Capacity Development: Integrating a Person-Centered Approach into Practice

Date Available: 11/21/2017
Date Expires: 11/21/2018

Course Type: Asynchronous Online

Sponsor Name: Core Consulting, Inc., D/B/A Starling Center for Organization Development
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CE Value (credits): 14
CE Type: Standard

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Stacey Starling, PhD

Course Description: 

This learning experience seeks to advance culture change in the long-term care environment through the actions of social workers and registered nurses.   Person-centered is a philosophical approach to health care and human services that focuses on the nature of the relationship between the professional and the recipient of the service. In a person-centered system, service recipients and providers work in full partnership to create an individualized and cost-effective plan, which gives the recipient choice and control over the care, and supports and services needed to live in the community of his or her choice.

Why Person-Centered Thinking Capacity Development?
This strength-based approach to learning draws upon the learners’ prior knowledge and experience. Capacities are enhanced through reflective and application activities that explore new ways to display the knowledge, skills, and person-centered approaches in practice.

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