continuing education providers Information:

If you are a continuing education provider you are required by Michigan law to maintain records of course attendance that reflects the following information:

  1. The date and location of the program or course.

  2. The credentials of the course presenters.

  3. Rosters of the course attendees.  This must include a "sign in" and "sign out" time next to each attendees printed name and license number.

  4. The continuing education hours that were awarded to each attendee.

Guidelines require continuing education providers to maintain the following information for at least seven (7) years:

  • Names and resumes of CE directors and social work consultants

  • Participant name, profession, and license/certification/registration number from the appropriate jurisdiction

  • Course Title, Date, Location and CE hours awarded

  • Course outline/syllabus and learning objectives

  • Course instructor's qualifications and professional affiliations

  • ADA requests and services provided   (ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act)

  • Grievances and resolutions

  • Course evaluations

What are the “Provider” options?

Unlimited Provider

This is a continuing education provider that has or wishes to pay the annual fee.

Individual Provider

This is a continuing education providers that wishes to pay for each application separately.

Approved Provider

An “approved” provider is an organization that has paid the annual fee and has been invited to become an “approved” provider in our program.

*Disclaimer:  Approved providers are subject to audits in a random select process.  Approved providers are not approving bodies and you may not give your approval to any other organization or presenter.

How can my organization be a provider?

Your organization can become an approved provider if they meet the following requirements:

Your organization has submitted at least 12 CE applications that have been approved and you were not contacted about missing documents, unanswered questions etc… In other words the application was submitted fully complete with no errors.

If your organization meets these qualifications and have not yet been invited to participate in the “approved” provider program please contact the Collaborative at

Annual Fees

  • Annual fees must be renewed every year

  • Opting for the annual fees allows the Provider to submit an unlimited number of applications in a 12 month period.

$  500.00  -  Only for CSWE Schools of Social Work
$  800.00  -  Non-profits - all 501(c) Organizations
$1,600.00  -  For-profits

Individual Application Fees:

One Day Event

$  175.00  -  Non-profit
$  350.00  -  For-profit

Two Day Event

$  225.00  -  Non-profit
$  425.00  -  For-profit

Conference Application Fees:

Three and Four Day Event

$  425.00  -  Non-profit
$  490.00  -  For-profit

Five+ Days Event

$  500.00  -  Non-profit
$  600.00  -  For-profit

Additional Fees:

Rush Fees

$   75.00  -  Applications submitted 45-15 days prior to the event date.  This fee is in addition to the application fee(s) listed above.
$  100.00  -  Applications submitted 14 days or less prior to the event date.  This fee is in addition to the application fee(s) listed above.

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