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School Shootings, Best Practices, and the Need for More School-Based Mental Health Services *

  • Live Webinar United States (map)

Course Description:

Among the many priority issues facing school systems, school shootings represent an area of major concern. School shootings have generated a national debate on how to secure children in school settings in a society that allows its citizens the right to bear firearms. High profile school shootings have generated anxiety and fear among school-aged children and youth and their parents. Public demands to reduce the likelihood of school shootings include a call for greater gun control, greater police presence in schools, the issuing of guns to trained school based personnel, physical changes in school safety protocol, and a greater focus on screening for mental health problems in schoolchildren and adults working in schools.  

School social workers and other relates services personnel must be acutely aware of the circumstances in which school shootings may occur, preventive practices and best practices for reducing harm during the experience of an active shooter in a school. It is important that related services personnel understand the etiology of school shootings and engage in crisis intervention specific to the local setting.

 In this webinar, the presenter will discuss the reality of issues and options related to the prevention of school shootings. The discussion will include information on research findings, the identification of causal factors related to school shootings, and best practices concerning school shootings.


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National Assn. of Social Workers

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Rochelle Wilder