Successful Aging

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Social workers assist individuals and families in meeting the challenges of physical and mental illness and disability, according to the National Association of Social Workers. They help counsel individuals in coping more effectively with illness and the stress of everyday life. They’re often called on to provide gerontology services, and to work with senior adults who face some of the difficulties associated with aging. They also provide advice to clients of all ages about how to prevent health risks and chronic disease. The book and home-study course, Successful Aging, is quite relevant to the practice of social work. The course will help social workers provide health advice and supportive counseling to elderly patients and their families. The book identifies techniques for living a healthy active lifestyle in one’s senior years, and ways to achieve good nutrition, regular exercise and prevent health risks such as cancer and diabetes. It also provides strategies for preventing and alleviating memory loss and cognitive decline. The course discusses good stress reduction techniques for seniors, and proven strategies for improving mood as well.

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