Major Depression & Bipolar Disorder

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This book reviews and summarizes the latest diagnoses, research, etiology, and clinical treatments of Major Depression and Bipolar Disorders. The text will present the prevalence rates, course of the disorders, and prognosis for individuals suffering these psychological conditions in Chapter one. Chapter two reviews the medical conditions that present as mood disorders, followed by diagnostic criteria and suicide rates for the disorders. Depression and bipolar disorder genetic, neurochemistry, and neuroanatomy etiology is presented in Chapter three. The topics discussed in Chapters two and three are integrated in Chapter 4 which discusses the various theoretical models of the disorders. Medical, psychological, cognitive, and suicide assessments is the focus of Chapter 5. The next two chapters discuss treatment, Chapter 6, and therapeutic difficulties associated with bipolar disorders and major depression, Chapter 7. Since these disorders may result in severe to moderate psychosocial dysfunction, Chapter 8 will describe Social Security Disability and Medicare regulations. Finally, Chapter 9 provides a summary of topics presented in the book

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